How to Get Started in Roller Derby for Beginners

roller derby beginner's guide

As an amateur roller derby girl, I am sharing with everyone the questions about this sport today. Playing roller derby is an excellent way to attain physical fitness and build a community of new friends from your derby team.

Some of you may be wondering How to get started in Roller Derby? But first, you need to know what roller derby is? It is a skating sport in which 14 skaters in two team includes a jammer and four blockers; whoever tries to past them will go through hip-checks and full-body slams from the opposite team to prevent you. Thus, the following information will help you to play roller derby.

Roller Derby for Beginners

Would it Suit Your Physique?

Roller derby is a great spot where you learn many things, such as teamwork and leadership. Moreover, it is easy for every person to learn and play games with great energy. The sports are suitable for every type of physical attribute, so there is no issue in your size, shape, or physical ability to play. Whether you know skating or not, you can practice in the skating club. Once you enter the roller derby club, you will see various teams of men, women, and children.

What Kind of Gear Do You Need?

The first time the gear will cost you a bit more, but it well worth it. Moreover, you will find various tools to upgrade your gears from time to time. Thus, it will help you get better in your game, and you will begin to take it more seriously. Due to the popularity of roller derby, more and more skate stores have been opened over the past few years. Let see what gear you will need when you get into roller derby.


1. Roller Skates

You will need a good pair of roller skates that are not higher than your ankle and make sure that those are soft from the inside. Thus, the ski boots made from hard plastic are inappropriate for roller derby sport and can result in a broken ankle. Moreover, you would not be allowed to skate on them; thus, if you start skating, then cheap roller skates will do the job.

Once you have mastered skating, then you can switch on professional skates. You must practice skating whether you like to skate outdoors or not, and you probably need to change your skate wheels so that it would help you stay stable and prevent you from rattling your teeth.

2. Helmet

You can take any skate helmet as it will do the job. But do not buy cycling helmets as these are not allowed in the game; you can use a skate helmet while cycling but cannot use a cycling helmet while skating. Moreover, you have to check the helmet’s fitting on your head and ensure that it won’t slip around your head and has a snug fit.

3. Pads

When you play roller derby, you will fall many times as the opponent team will be smashing into you to prevent you from passing them. You may also fall hard to prevent yourself from getting any injury; you need aggressive skate pads to protect your knees from such injuries. Though, many skaters start from anarchy pads and upgrade their equipment over time. Thus, make sure you buy knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads. Moreover, professional skaters also use gaskets under the knee pads to provide additional protection to knees joints and keep them in place. Make sure you wash your knee and elbow pads occasionally to prevent them from getting stinky.

4. Mouthguard

This small piece of the guard can save your mouth and teeth from serious injuries; you can buy this mouthpiece from any local sports shop or online stores. You can use the boil and bite mouthguard, or you can see a doctor and get your mold personalized mouthpiece for yourself. Moreover, online stores are selling mouthguard made for roller derby. You can easily get a suitable mouthguard for yourself in online stores at affordable rates.

Look for Local Roller Derby Clubs or League

Nowadays, more women tend to get into roller derby and skate to represent a particular league. If you live near a roller derby league, you will eventually establish skating and play to win the game. The first and foremost thing you have to do is look for your local roller derby team and enlist your name in the queue list. Thus, where you enroll, you will get a notice from the league when you are entered into the club via their online platform. You may not get your admission in a few months in rare cases, and some leagues can take you right away in your team.

Practice, Practice, and Practice!!!!

Practices are the critical factor of this game; the more you practice, the more you will be better at your game. However, if you are on the waiting list, do not waste your time; start your practice straightaway. You can visit a roller disco or smooth flat surface to practice your skating skill and get better every day. It will be worth it if you join some professional skating lessons. You can join the local team member’s conversation by filling an online forum of the particular you are interested in and asking people if anyone is interested in starting skate practice.

What’s Next?

Once you have got your admission inside your league, you will undergo a training program, and they will teach you how to tackle, stop, and fall while skating. To enter the real game, you have to master all the necessary skills to help you play efficiently with your team member and not worry; your league will train you for everything.

Derby Name

Once you mastered the skills and entered into the league to play official, you will have to give your derby a name and submit it to your club with your name and number. If you cannot decide your derby name, you can take inspiration from professional derby players.

The information mentioned above is regarding How to get into Roller Derby and how you take down your opponent.

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