7 Great Gift Ideas for Trumpet Lovers


Finding the perfect gift adds that much more to the whole experience of gifting! The trick to doing this is to snoop a bit and then list down all the things you know that define the person, likes, hobbies, and interests. If you are here, reading this page, the chances are high that you have already done this, and so here are some tips to help you find that perfect gift for your Trumpet Loving friend.


Tees featuring trumpets are a pretty cool choice for a personal gift. You can get a sassy one, a geeky one, or a fun one. You can also get a custom made Tee, with an image of a favorite trumpet player, match a season (Christmas), or honor a significant upcoming event such as graduation or a baby on the way.

Rep Decks

This is a fun gift for trumpet lovers. A Trumpet Rep Deck can also be used as a pack of regular playing cards. What makes a Rep Deck different is that it can also test the players’ knowledge about a topic, in this case, trumpets. Most Rep decks offer various games, in varying levels of difficulty that test strategy and expertise.

A Care Package

Typically a Trumpet Care Kit includes everything you need to care for a trumpet. It might be a good idea to determine which care kit the person (you are giving it to) prefers. It is relatively easy to order, and it will always be appreciated. To make it that little extra special, put in a chop saver. It’s a little love and care in a tube, for the trumpet lover’s lips, that might be chapped and dry from blowing on that trumpet all day.

Music And Books

For the trumpet lover, a collection of trumpet solos will always be something to treasure. You can choose from a wide range of classical, jazz, movie themes, festival music, or religious music. The best part of music today is most online sites offer you trumpet music in various formats. You can select and buy MP3, CD, vinyl, cassette.

Books on the history of jazz, biographies of renowned trumpeters, are also great gifts for trumpet lovers. Some books that specially cater to beginners come with CDs. Books are also available in different versions – there is the kindle version, the paperback, the hardcover, etc.

Yamaha Silent Brass

Now, if you are looking to spend some serious money and want to gift something special that is also immensely useful to the trumpet player, you should check out the Yamaha Silent Brass. It does mute the sound to a tolerable level and synthesizes it so that the sound goes into earphones for the trumpet player. Your trumpet lover/player will now be able to practice at all hours with no complaints about the noise.

Pocket Trumpet

Now here is a great trumpet gift! This little instrument works just like a regular trumpet and is so portable. It’s a great way to introduce children to trumpet playing. It’s handy, and it’s useful, it’s a great backup option. Despite its reduced size, the pocket trumpet doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a worthy gift if you are willing and able to pay for it, and it will last generations.

Trumpet Collectibles

If you are looking for smaller, funky objects, you can consider a lamp, a mug, a poster, or trumpet figurines. The best thing about these collectibles is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one. You can get a matching set. Or a mix of pieces for home and the office.

So browse and enjoy (yourself) buying that gift as much as the trumpet player receiving it.

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