Ingrid Lukas

Born on 20 August 1984, is an Estonian singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer. Ingrid studied piano for three years at the “Tallinna Muusikakeskkool” before she went to Switzerland in 1994. Since 1994 she has been living in Zürich. In 2007 she graduated from the HMT Zürich (Hochschule für Musik und Theater) as a vocal teacher of pop-jazz music.

Since 2007 she has been having her own band including Céline-Giulia Voser, Michel Gsell, and Patrik Zosso, which has not kept her from being a guest vocalist with the group “Metamorphosis” or more recently singing at Schauspielhaus Zürich in children productions, such as “Peter Pan” (2005), and “Cinderella” (2007) as well as Nik Bärtsch’s RONIN Monday concert series. Ingrid Lukas teaches singing but has been a singer-songwriter since 2000.


  • “We Need to Repeat” Ingrid Lukas (Ronin Rhythm Records, 2009)
  • “Solitude” Metamorphosis feat. Ingrid Lukas (Double Moon Records & Jazzthing, 2009)

Michel Gsell

Born: 1979 in Lucerne

Studied with: Violin with Daniel Dodds, Electric bass with Herbie Kopf, Composition with Rainer Tempel & Dieter Ammann at the Musikhochschule Luzern

Bands: Ingrid Lukas, Heidi Happy, Maigold, Guy Vincent

Celine-Giulia Voser

Born: 1984 in Zug

Studied with: Erik Friedlander, Fred Sherry, Uli Fussenegger, Guido Schiefen, Peter Leisegang

Bands: Ingrid Lukas, cégiu, Marcello Duo, Evi Beast, Strin4ning, 21st Century Symphony Orchestra

Patrik Zosso (drums)

Born: 1981 in Bern

Studied with: Gregor Hilbe, Jorge Rossi, Julio Barretto

Bands: Marygold, Schöftland, Ingrid Lukas, Playmate, Moving Target, Eiko, The Faboulous Dance Machine, Polyton Räume


  • “David” H.J. Egli, 2002
  • “We Got Every Right” M.h.a.l.l. (Little Jig Records, 2003)
  • “Why So Sad” Marygold, 2003
  • “We don`t play guitars” The unborn Chikken voices, 2005
  • “Dare, dare… surrender” Marygold (Little Jig Records, 2006)
  • “Try To Hide” Moving Target, 2006
  • “Playmate” Playmate, 2006
  • “Solo” Hösli, 2006
  • “My Bow, My Arrow, My Target” Marygold (Little Jig, 2009)